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Introducing SmartKey Anywhere™, the groundbreaking solution designed specifically for F&I dealerships. With its cutting-edge features and functionality, SmartKey Anywhere™ empowers dealerships to seamlessly manage and transfer their vehicle fleets to owners through a dedicated web and app platform. This revolutionary product revolutionizes operations, enhances security, and delivers unmatched convenience, transforming the way F&I dealerships conduct business and cater to their customers.

Key Features:

  • Never Lose Any Keys: Digital and Physical Keys Available

  • Advanced Control: Effortlessly manage and transfer vehicle fleets.

  • Dedicated Web/App Platform: Streamlined access and convenience for dealerships and car owners.

  • Enhanced Security: Protect vehicles and ensure secure transfers.

  • Revolutionary Convenience: Simplify operations and enhance customer experience.

  • Car Share App Integration: Seamlessly integrate car-sharing features into your fleet services.



  • Empower F&I dealerships with SmartKey Anywhere™.

  • Streamline fleet management and transfers.

  • Convenient WEB and APP platform for dealerships and owners.

  • Ensure enhanced security and vehicle protection.

  • Simplify operations and elevate customer service.

  • Seamlessly integrate car-sharing features for expanded services.


SmartKey Anywhere™ offers a range of powerful features and functions for dealerships:

  • Comprehensive vehicle management: Efficiently manage every vehicle on the lot without limitations.

  • Seamless lock and unlock: Easily control vehicle access remotely.

  • Remote start and stop: Conveniently start or stop vehicles from anywhere.

  • Hassle-free control: Customers can enjoy seamless control over their vehicles, enhancing convenience.

  • Test drive scheduling: Simplify the process of scheduling test drives for customers.

  • Vehicle servicing: Streamline vehicle servicing with a single click on the web or app interface.

  • Unparalleled convenience: Empower dealerships to provide exceptional convenience and efficiency to valued customers.


SmartKey Anywhere™

Remote start, lock, and unlock capabilities for easy vehicle control

  • Vehicle tracking functionality for added security and locating convenience

  • Real-time updates on vehicle status, including fuel levels and maintenance notifications

  • Find parking feature to simplify the parking process Experience complete control and enhanced peace of mind with our owner app.


Provide convenient and secure vehicle access through your smartphone, allowing remote control for locking, unlocking, and starting your car. Enjoy flexible user management, time-limited access, activity tracking, and seamless integration with smart devices. In emergencies, emergency features enhance safety. Compatible with various devices and vehicles, Digital Keys offer a versatile solution.


Select from multiple cars in your list

  • Set access levels for users

  • Allocate time for car sharing based on customer needs

  • View the list of shared cars and their activity

  • Track the live location of shared cars

  • Extend or reduce the sharing time as needed.

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