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DriveAssist@ introduces the Industry's first original equipment style Dash Cam. Designed as if it came from the factory, it enables continuous recording plus event archiving with a built in G-Sensor. But it's best feature is its invisibility. DriveAssist@'s StealthVue™ fits perfectly and blends in with each vehicles interior as if it were installed on the assembly line. You're assured of never missing an incident even while the vehicle is at rest or parked overnight. If the vehicle is vandalized or damaged while parked, it will awaken and mark the file so it is not accidentally deleted. High Resolution, up to 4K with 2 channels capability, insures you'll always get the entire video. A StealthVue™  app is available at no charge for Android and iOS devices including phones, tablets and iPads enabling viewing of recorded content using Wi-Fi.



o    Invisible with OEM-fitting, not visible any wiring

o    Minutes to setup, record all times, playback anytime

o    One Sku Fit for all types vehicles (best  for dealers addendum)
o    OEM-Fit Models match for selected models (100+ SKUs available)
o    Records continuously (loop) and built-in Wi-Fi
o    Smartphone app monitoring and playback (OEM app available)
o    Sleep mode protects vehicle while parked


o    HD high definition recording, 1080p, 2K and up to 4K (8MP)
o    2-channels for front and rear recording
o    G-sensor archives events in case of an accident   
o    32 GB micro SD card included, support up to 256GB  
o    Privacy control on microphone recording
o    3 years warranty & up to extended warranty period
o    Thousands of locations can service our device
o    Multiple shipping ports can handle with shipping and returns

o    Truckloads, Express 


  • Support team available at anytime 
  • Thousands of dealer locations can service our products
  • Expedite Shipping avaliable 

UFX1 StealthVUE™ PDI/OEM 4K Dash Cam

  • Product Name:

    StealthVUE UF3 2K


    2K: DASSV2KUF3

    4K: DASSV4KUF3

    Rear Channel Record Cam 1080P:


    Rear Channel Record Cam 2K:



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